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the beauty is in the details...
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The Bare Bones

The Premise - what are Characters without a Story? And what's a Story without a World to set it on, the backdrop to the play?

Every Friday this community will pose a question or subject. You, with the world or worlds of your choice, are welcome to answer it in whatever depth of detail suits you.


  • How many worlds can I have/claim/work with?
    As many as you can handle. There's no set limit.

  • Argh, I've tried, but I can't answer this week's prompt!
    That's okay. As long as you've tried, that's what counts.

  • How much am I allowed to write on any given prompt?
    As much as you want. Again, no limit. 50 words, 5000 words. Your choice.

  • I just came up with an answer for that prompt two weeks ago. Can I...?
    Of course! Answer the prompts in your own time, just tag them in the title so people know what subject you're talking about.

  • My goal is to publish, I can't be posting these details out for everyone to see!
    This is an invite only community for just that reason, but you can also feel free to put things under a friends lock. This will restrict viewing to members (you must join, not just watch) of the community only.

  • But all of my writing notes are in another journal!
    That's okay! You can always write your post over in your own journal and just provide a link to it here.

  • What's the format for answering the prompts?
    In your own post - you can use the following format as a guide.

    subject : Prompt, World Name(s)/Title(s)
    Post : Use the LJ cut, please.

  • Feel free to ask each other questions and offer commentary - that's what this place is for!